Do you need to arrange a Green Burial at Prairie Creek Conservation Cemetery now?

Please call PCCC at 352-317-7307, and we will assist you with your specific situation.

It is helpful for us to know the name of the deceased, their birth and death dates, and the name of the funeral home you are working with. We will work with any funeral home as long as they understand and agree follow our policies. If you need assistance choosing a funeral home, follow this link for a list of funeral service providers that have worked with PCCC. If your family is interested in caring for your own dead with little to no assistance from a funeral home, follow this link for more information. We encourage you to read our Burial Planning Guide available here.

The next step is to take a guided tour of the cemetery by golf cart and choose a grave site. On the tour we will show you two types of areas: meadows and hammocks. If you are unable to tour the cemetery, we can discuss the type of location you would like and select the site for you.

We will also begin discussing burial details that are important to you, i.e. we will confirm where everyone will meet, if you would like to have a procession, how many people you expect to attend, etc. If you need help finding a religious leader, celebrant, or musician for your ceremony we can provide you with contacts.

No matter what you choose to do or how many people attend, our cost remains the same. Prices are: $2,000 for  body burial and $650 for burial of cremated remains. With each burial, we provide a two-inch brass marker.

As your planning progresses, we ask you please keep us aware of any changes to the ceremony. We are here to help in any and every way we can. Please call 352-317-7307.