Native Plant Restoration Program:

In keeping with our certification by the Green Burial Council and our conservation easement which protects the land from development in perpetuity, only plants native to our area may be introduced at grave sites. 

What can I plant for my loved one?

We have an on-site nursery with regionally native species that are appropriate for the plant communities and habitat found in the cemetery. Please click here to see a list of plants we will carry throughout the year.  Due to limited space and our desire for successful growth not all the plants listed will be available at all times. Please contact our staff, 352-317-7307 or, if you are interested in participating in the program.

How much does a plant cost?

Our plant nursery is a donation supported program that contributes to restoration of the cemetery. With your donation we will also water the plants for the first six months to one year, and do our best to keep them healthy.

What plant should I choose?

The cemetery is classified by two distinct management types, meadows and forest. The meadow areas receive full sun and have sandy soil. This promotes grass and wildflower growth. In the forested areas more shade-tolerant trees and shrubs are available for planting. Plants should be introduced in the areas of the cemetery where they would be found naturally.