Prairie Creek Conservation Cemetery is restored and managed as a wild space.

Over time, the mound of earth on gravesites subsides, eventually becoming even with the ground. Grasses, flowers, and other plants may even grow to cover the grave.

Visitors can use GPS from a smartphone via the link below or be guided by our staff to a specific grave site. Our staff is available to help you locate a grave during regular business hours (9:00-5:00, M-F) or by appointment. Please call 352-317-7307 if you require assistance. 

Instructions for GPS Gravesite Location: 

  1. Click/Press the link above which will take you to PrairieCreek.Cemsites.com
  2. Type in the first and/or last name of the person you are searching for. The program will list all matching names as soon as you stop typing. Do not press return or enter. 
  3. You should now see the name of the person you are searching for in the box below with two clickable options: “Memorial” and “Walk-to-Site.” Click “Walk-to-Site.” 
  4. This will bring up a map and display a pin at the grave site and a marker to show where you are. Do NOT press directions. Use two fingers to zoom in as far as you can while having both yourself and the pin visible on the screen. 
  5. Simply walk so your marker moves towards the pin. Focus on reducing the distance between you and the pin. Keep walking towards the pin until you cannot get closer to it. GPS is accurate to within 10-20 feet so you may need to look at the brass markers in the center of surrounding graves to identify the one you are looking for.  

If you have technical difficulties, please call 352-317-7307 for assistance.